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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have found a puppy I like and I'm ready to purchase him/her! What is the next step?

Answer: If the puppy has a PayPal button located with his/her information, he/she is available! You can click the PayPal button and PayPal will step you through the purchasing process - even if you don't have a PayPal account! If you don't see a PayPal button located with the puppy's information, please call 417-293-6061 to check availability.

Question: I have used PayPal to place my deposit or pay in full for my puppy of choice. What happens next?

Answer: Once your payment has been received, you will receive an e-mail, text, or phone call from us to verify that we have received your payment. We will then update our website with your last name and state of residence, mark your puppy as adopted, and remove the PayPal button. You will also receive an email containing our purchase agreement. You need to print this purchase agreement, read over it, initial and sign in the appropriate places, scan it back in to your computer and e-mail it back to us within 24 hours to activate your health guarantee. If your puppy needs to fly home, it is your responsibility to schedule a flight into St Louis MO on a Monday or Wednesday of each week to take possession of your puppy and fly home with him/her in the cabin with you. If you are within driving distance and plan to pick your puppy up in person, we will discuss a meeting place and time that works for everyone. Once your puppy is close to eight weeks of age (or if your puppy is already over eight weeks of age), we will schedule his/her final vet exam and have his/her health certificate issued. We will then call, text, or email you with the results of the final vet exam. The balance payment can be made in cash upon pick-up. This sounds like a lot, but we work really hard to make your experience as simple as possible! If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to ask! We are nearly always available by phone at 417-293-6061!

Question: What is included in the purchase price?

Answer: The purchase price of each puppy includes his/her limited AKC registration application, a three generation puppy pedigree from the AKC, a record of the vaccinations and de-wormings that each puppy has received, a vet check, and a health certificate.

Question: What brand of food is my puppy currently eating?

Answer: We currently feed pawTree's Real Chicken & Brown Rice recipe. Visit our Care and Nutrition page and click on the link there to take you to our list of recommendations for your puppy. If you opt on switching brands, please do so as slowly as possible to help prevent stomach upset. Go ahead and order a small bag of pawTree Real Chicken & Brown Rice recipe to have on hand when your puppy arrives - this will help him/her transition more easily to your home.

Click here: pawTree to see our list of recommendations.  

Question: What is required of me once I bring my puppy home?

Answer: You will receive a purchase agreement that has the outline of everything that is expected of you once you purchase one of our puppies. You will need to schedule a vet appointment for your new puppy within 72 hours of receiving him/her! If any abnormality is found that is different than what our vet found, we will need to see the documentation from your vet - you can scan it in and email it to us. If your vet agrees with our vet as to the health of your puppy, no further documentation is necessary, but we would appreciate an e-mail from you stating that you took your puppy to the vet and he/she was found to be healthy. 

Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking! If your puppy is stressed and will not eat the dry food, please try letting the dry food soak in warm water for a bit or add canned puppy food to the dry food to see if he/she will eat. 

Puppy obedience classes are very helpful in training your newest family member. With a Boxer, we cannot stress enough how important consistent training is! Please schedule your puppy for training classes once he/she is complete on vaccinations (usually around 16 weeks of age). We cannot make you take this step, but we want to stress how crucial this can be to the happiness of your family as a whole! A well trained Boxer is a well loved Boxer and is an absolute JOY to be around!