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Delivery Options

Delivery within reasonable driving distance by us, the Breeder: 58.5 cents/mile round trip
Delivery via Ground Transportation: $400-$500 Coast to Coast within the continental USA
Delivery via the Airlines: $375 for Dachshund babies

Please read the details below for more information about each option - or give us a call and visit with us! 417.293.6061

Delivery by us, the Breeder

If you are located within driving distance of Mountain Home, AR you are always welcome to pick your puppy up in person! We are more than happy to meet you in a public setting for the delivery of your puppy on most days of the week around our work and school schedules. If you need us to meet you, we are occasionally willing to do so within a one hour radius of Mountain Home, AR. Our delivery fee is based on the current standard mileage rate of 58.5 cents per mile and is calculated from Mountain Home, AR to the designated meeting place and back based on the distance given by Google Maps. Our availability for this option revolves around the school hours and activities of our kids, and is very limited; but we will do our best to work with you and come up with a delivery date and time that suits everyone! We do make frequent trips to West Plains, MO and can often meet there.

Ground Transportation and Hand Delivery

If you need us to arrange hand deliver of your puppy using a ground transport company, we are happy to do so. The charge for this service is $400-$500, coast to coast within the continental USA. We use two different companies for this option: 1) Williams Puppy Carrier as our preferred delivery service and he delivers directly to your address for $500 on the 8th, 18th, and 28th of each month. 2) A & K Wags on Wheels is newer to us and they charge $400, also directly to your address, with their schedule being the 4th, 14th, and 24th. If any of those dates fall on a holiday or on a Sunday, they make their pick-up the day after. Both companies provide a GPS link via the Life360 app and give you the availability to watch their journey as they head your way with your new baby. They do not give an approximate delivery schedule due to the nature of delivering directly to each home along their route.

Delivery via the Airlines

This option has become harder for us to use. The Boxer is a snub-nosed (Brachycephalic) breed and therefor not allowed to fly on any airline unless accompanied by an owner or a pet nanny. They can only travel in the passenger cabin of the airline and must be small enough to fit in a carrier to be stored under the airline seat. For these reasons, arranging delivery via the airlines becomes a challenge for our Boxer babies and I do not have a price for this option as it is a case-by-case basis. I can make arrangements with Ozark Jet A Pet to get a Boxer baby to the airport in St. Louis, MO, where it will then be up to you to pick your baby up and continue travel with him/her.

The Dachshund babies are allowed to fly in a climate-controlled, pressurized area of the airplane without the need of a flight nanny or owner. The cost for this service is $375. The only departing airport option is St. Louis, MO, and we can fly into some of the International Airports across the US. If this is the option you would like to use, please contact us and we can find out if we can get into the airport closest to you. We use Ozark Jet A Pet for all flights.

Additional Services

On occasion we have received requests for a puppy to stay with us for an additional amount of time.  If you cannot take ownership of your puppy when they reach 8 weeks of age, we are willing to keep your puppy here with us until you are available for delivery. Our fee for this service is $10/day or $60/week. This only applies to situations where you need us to board your puppy for additional days or weeks after your puppy has reached 8 weeks of age. In order for us to arrange delivery, we do give a 3 day grace period for delivery after each puppy reaches 8 weeks of age or a 3 day grace period after your purchase if your puppy is already 8 weeks of age at the time of purchase. If a delayed delivery is due to transportation limitations or a scheduling conflict on our end, we will not charge for boarding as long as you can take delivery of your puppy on the first available delivery date after your puppy turns 8 weeks of age. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone/text at 417.293.6061.