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Our Boxer Nursery

~ Current News ~

We are so glad you stopped by for a visit!

4/25/24 -  Thanks for visiting our website! We don't currently have any Boxer babies available, but hope to have another litter later this year. Feel free to contact Amanda at (417) 293-6061 if you have any questions.

Current Pricing
Our current price is $800-$1500 which includes the following:


- Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) -

- A health certificate issued by our vet if your baby has to travel to you -

- Two vet exams for your puppy before he/she leaves our care -

- Up to Date on age appropriate Vaccinations -

- Dewormed regularly -

- A health record giving the dates of vaccinations/dewormings -

- Tail Docked -

- Our One Year Health Guarantee -

- Early socialization by our family -

Deposit info and waiting list

Update: 7/25/23 - We are no longer accepting deposits for Boxer babies. The information listed below applies to the families already on our waiting list and listed below.


Why place a deposit? 


  • Secures your place on our waiting list

  • Gives you the right to choose in the order Deposits are received once the puppies reach 5-6 weeks of age

  • Ensures that you receive a "pupdate" when our new litters will be live on the site :)

  • Gives you the option to choose a puppy from the current litter or pass and wait for the next litter

  • Gives you a full year to choose the puppy that is right for you


If you haven't chosen a puppy within a year and we've had babies that meet your selected criteria, we reserve the right to remove you from our list unless you contact us and tell us that you wish to remain on it and are serious about choosing a puppy soon. If we have available puppies and you fail to respond to our messages that it's your turn to make a decision, you will be removed from the waiting list. Please do not place a deposit to be on our waiting list unless you are prepared to get a puppy as soon as possible and are serious about your commitment to take one of our babies.


~ Our Waiting List ~


1) The Horner Family* of CA

2) The Tisdale Family*** of Canada (sealed brindle)

3) The Hutcherson Family* of CA (flashy brindle boy) 

4) The O'Neal Family* of MO (white)

5) The Pearlman Family of TX (flashy girl) 

6) The Couture Family of MA (flashy fawn boy) 

7) The Gallagher Family*** of MA (boy) 

 8) The Ambrose Family* of AZ (girl) 

9) The Wall Family* of OK (flashy fawn girl) 

10) The Glass Family* of CA (flashy fawn girl) 

11) The Byrd Family* (boy)


The above list is up to date as of 4/24/2024 @ 4:23 PM CST


Update: 7/25/23 - We are no longer accepting deposits to add  families to our waiting list. We will continue to check with the families listed on the waiting list as Boxer babies are available, and then the babies will be placed in homes on a  first-come, first-served basis. The waiting list and deposit option has become tedious to keep track of. Also, our Boxers are nearing retirement age and we will be taking some time to think through how we want to proceed with our breeding program in the future. If you are on the waiting list and you are serious about another puppy, you might want to go ahead and take the next one that catches your eye! I'm not sure how many more we will be raising - it all depends upon the health and well being of our girls as they continue to grow older. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.


Number of asterisks * beside a family's name represents how many of our Boxers have found a home with that family!


When a Boxer baby listed above is marked as "Available" that means he/she was not chosen by a family on our waiting list and he/she is now available to other families. Please contact us with any questions!


Please understand that the families above may choose any puppy they want from the litter and they will choose in the order that their name appears on the list. In some cases, they may have shared with us that they want a certain color or gender but that does not mean that we require them to take a puppy that fits that description - they can choose whichever puppy that melts their heart!

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