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~ Current News ~

Hi! We are so glad you stopped by for a visit! 

3/2/2019 ~ New babies are expected to arrive in March, 2019! Scroll down the page for more information! Call or text us at 417.293.6061 with any questions or for additional information!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out ~ we love to talk about our Boxers! Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information about our current and upcoming litters!

~ New Pricing taking effect March 2019 ~

Flashy Girls ~ $1300

Flashy Boys ~ $1200

Non-Flashy Girls ~ $1100

Non-Flashy Boys ~ $1000

Deposit Info and Waiting List

Do you like what you see? Are you not quite ready to get your puppy but know you want one within the next year? Are you looking for a puppy in a different color than what we have available? No problem! You can place a $350 deposit to be put on our waiting list. Placing a deposit will secure your place on our list and will give you the right to choose your puppy before they are advertised any where else! For more details about how the deposit works, please visit our Deposit Information page. 

Why place a deposit? 

  • Secures your place on our waiting list
  • Locks in the current price
  • Gives you the right to choose in the order Deposits are received once the puppies reach 5-6 weeks of age
  • Gives you 24 hours to make your choice once the pictures are posted and it is your turn
  • Ensures that you receive a "pupdate" when our new litters have arrived :)
  • Gives you the option to choose a puppy from the current litter or pass and wait for the next litter
  • Gives you a full year to choose the puppy that is right for you

~ Our Waiting List ~

1) The Rowedder Family of Connecticut (fawn boy)
2) Brian Horner of California (flashy brindle boy, Boomer bloodlines)
3) Kenny and Kat Santiago (girl)
4) Lacey Sexson of Arizona (Diva/Kyzer bloodlines)
5) The Seitz Family of MO (flashy fawn boy)
6) The Green Family of LA (flashy fawn boy)
7) The Tisdale Family of Canada (sealed)

The above list is up to date as of 3/2/19 @ 3:00 PM

When a Boxer baby listed below is marked as "Available" that means he/she was not chosen by a family on our waiting list and he/she is now available to other families. Please contact us with any questions!

*Please understand that the families above may choose any puppy they want from the litter and they will choose in the order that their name appears on the list. In some cases, they may have shared with us that they want a certain color or gender but that does not mean that we require them to take a puppy that fits that description - they can choose whichever puppy that melts their heart!*

Use the PayPal button below to secure your place on our list or visit the Deposit Information page for more information! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Call/text 417-293-6061 or email

Our Current Boxer Babies

Finn x Saffie = Expected to arrive in March, 2019!

We are excited to announce our next anticipated litter! These babies should arrive mid to late March 2019. Their sire is our boy, Finn; their momma is our lovely girl, Saffie. This is a repeat breeding that should produce a mix of fawn and brindle babies with a good bit of flashiness. These babies will have sweet and loving personalities and will make wonderful family companions! More details to come once they make their arrival!

Upcoming Litter Information

If you would like more information on our available babies or our upcoming litters, please feel free to give us a call at (417) 293-6061 or send an e-mail to with any questions. 

Our next expected arrivals (if any) are listed below (scroll on down the page)! Please realize that there are times when a breeding is not successful and does not produce a litter of puppies. The information posted below does not guarantee that we will have a litter in the announced time-frame!  We post this information when the breeding is taking place or expected to take place soon.  We often cannot tell if our girl is truly expecting until she is at least at the half-way point in her pregnancy.

Above: Our four year old daughter with Diamond's babies!