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Our Deposit Policy

In order to better serve our potential Show Me Boxers families, we do accept deposits. The deposit amount to hold your family's place on our waiting list or to hold your puppy of choice from a current litter (if available) is $450 for Boxers and $500 for our Dachshunds. The deposit amount is non-refundable unless extraordinary circumstances merit a refund.

We understand that each family probably has a particular color and gender in mind along with a preference for markings. With that understanding, we give each family on our waiting list the option to choose from the puppies we have available or to "pass" on that litter and wait for the next. For instance, if the first family to place a deposit is looking for a classic brindle female and none are produced in our next available litter, then that family will then have the option to "pass" and wait for the next litter. After the first family makes their choice, the second family is then given the same options. If that first family should choose to "pass", they will then have first choice again for the next litter available. Or if the first family chooses a puppy but then the second family chooses to "pass", that second family will then have first choice on the next available litter. In order to ensure that each family has the chance to find their perfect puppy, each deposit is valid for up to one year from the time that it is placed.

After all families who have placed a deposit have had the chance to choose a puppy or "pass" on the litter, the remaining puppies in each litter are then placed in approved homes on a first-come, first-served basis.

To ensure that your puppy of choice is still available, please call or e-mail before placing a deposit or making a full payment on a puppy! We do our best to keep our website as up-to-date as possible but it's always best to check availability.

Feel free to contact us at 417.293.6061 if you have any questions or, you may e-mail us at


Waiting List - Deposits Received

Our waiting list consists of approved families who are willing to place a deposit to secure a puppy from our current or upcoming litters. For more information about how to place your deposit, please contact us today by calling 417.293.6061, e-mailing, or reading the section above! To view our waiting list, please visit our Boxer Nursery page and scroll down to the Deposit Info and Waiting List section there - found near the top of the Nursery page.

Puppy Pricing can be found on our Nursery pagesThese prices will include the puppy registration application, up-to-date vaccinations and regular de-wormings as well as our guarantee and a health certificate from our vet, unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Color/Marking definitions for Boxers:

Non-Flashy (Classic) ~ very few white markings with barely any or no white markings on the face and no white around the collar/neck area. Will typically have a white chest and some white toes.

Flashy ~ white markings on the face and a full or partial white collar around the collar/neck area. Will have white markings on the chest and some white toes/paws/socks.

Reverse Brindle ~ a very dark brindle with more black in the coat than fawn.

Sealed Brindle ~ registered as simply "brindle" but appears solid black in color with no visible stripes.

Mahogany Fawn ~ a very red color or fawn, deeper red than the average fawn shade.

The AKC only recognizes fawn, brindle, and white as shades of color that Boxers come in. The information above is simply for clarification in case you heard the terms used and wonder what they mean.