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We are BACK!!!!

Posted by Amanda on December 1, 2015 at 8:40 PM

While I realize that this blog entry may be confusing to any new comers on our website, I just want to make the announcement to all our Show Me Boxers families from over the years that WE ARE BACK and we are so excited!

As an explanation...Jeff and I took the last three years (give or take a few months) off from raising Boxers while he made two job changes and we added a new baby to our family! My parents carried on our breeding program and maintained our website during this time. We consulted back and forth about any difficult decisions that had to be made and we feel that they did an excellent job providing quality Boxer babies to many new families, as well as some who returned to add another one of our babies to their family! We would like to take a few minutes to brag on all their hard work and express our thanks to them! So mom and dad, THANK YOU so very much for all your help!

We are hitting the ground running, so to speak, with two new litters that were whelped in November! We are so excited about these new Boxer babies and we can't hardly wait for them to get big enough for us to take pictures to share with all of you! Thanks so much for continuing to stay in touch and we look forward to catching up with anything that we may have missed!

God Bless! Have a wonderful evening! I'll be back to blog some more soon!


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