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Raising quality bred Boxer puppies since 2004!

On this page, you will find information about Our Boxers as well as pictures and descriptions for each one. I hope you enjoy getting to know them a little better! They are each very important to us and we have a lot of joy and laughter as a result of having them in our lives!


Our Boys



This handsome guy is Kyzer. He was born June 8th, 2011 and he is registered with the AKC. Kyzer is a muscular boy with a really great, square build. He is a non-flashy, brindle and has minimal white markings with the typical black mask. When it comes to personality, Kyzer is among the best! We can't say enough to emphasize the excellent disposition that he has! He has been easy to train and is a joy to be around. He loves attention from all age groups and is an absolute gentleman! Kyzer weighs 70 to 75 lbs and has produced some gorgeous babies!

Kyzer is available for stud services to approved girls! The Stud Fee is $850. More details upon request.

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This is our super handsome boy, Finn! He is AKC registered and was born on February 24th, 2016. Finn has an awesome disposition and loves attention from everyone he meets. He's a flashy fawn boy with a lovely deep red tone to his coat. We brought him home at 8 weeks of age and have really enjoyed watching him grow! He will continue to fill out for the next couple of years, so we will update his pictures soon.

Finn is available for stud services to approved girls! The stud fee is $850. More details upon request.

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Our Girls



Meet Cookie! This girl has been the best momma and her puppies always have wonderful personalities! Cookie was born January 1st, 2011 and she is registered with the AKC. She is a non-flashy fawn with a black mask and very few white markings. She is a super sweet girl who is always happy to meet new people. She is friendly and easy going which makes her a delight for our family. She passes her sweet disposition on to her puppies!


This is our girl, Diamond. She was born November 12, 2015 and is registered with the AKC. She has nice body structure and is a short, compact girl. Diamond is a non-flashy brindle with a black mask and very few white markings. Her momma is Cookie and her sire is Kyzer - so she's been with us since her birth! She has the funniest, quirky personality and is super sweet. She loves our kids and we expect that she will pass her sweet personality on to her babies. She is a smaller girl, weighing around 50 pounds. She and Ruby are full sisters and were litter-mates.


Meet our girl, Ruby Dooby Doo! This lovely girl was born on November 12, 2015 and is registered with the AKC. Her build is very square and chunky and she weighs a solid 60 pounds. Ruby is fawn with a black mask and very few white markings. Her disposition is fun-loving and eager to please. She's always ready to join in any playtime and she's very curious about everything that goes on. She brings lots of smiles to our family. Ruby's sire is Kyzer and her dam is Cookie. She and Diamond are full sisters and litter-mates. 


This is our sweet Diva! She was born June 20th, 2012 and is registered with the AKC. She has the most loving and gentle disposition that you could ask for in a Boxer! She is always ready to go for a walk the minute she sees us grab the leash and we adore her sweet nature. She is very well behaved and is such a joy for our family. She has never met a stranger and she is convinced that she is a lap dog!

Dori Belle

This lovely girl is Dori Belle. She's a fun-loving, brindle girl with minimal white markings and a black mask. She has a quirky personality that keeps us laughing and is a super sweet girl. If you've been watching us for very long you will remember her grand-sire, Boomer (her mother's sire). We are so excited to have a girl to carry on his bloodline for us and we are loving the build and personalities of her puppies! Dori Belle has been with us since birth and she was born on November 18th, 2015. Her sire is Kyzer and she is registered with the AKC. 

Meet Our Family

Family pictures are always a challenge with this group! We will have to try to get a better family picture very soon, but for now we wanted you to have a way to see who you are talking to and/or exchanging e-mails put a face with the name, so to speak.

We are located in Mountain Home Arkansas and own a lovely home on nine acres where we have our horses and Boxers. We have enough room for everyone to be able to stretch their legs and enjoy life.


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