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Delivery Options

We are happy to be able to provide delivery options through a family owned business that is focused on safe transportation of family pets and conveniently located in the state of Missouri. We are able to offer delivery by ground to the St. Louis and Nevada, MO areas. The fee for ground delivery on most 8-9 week old Boxer puppies is $70, payable upon pick-up, and includes a kennel that is yours to keep.  

In addition to ground delivery options we can also offer transportation by air using the same company. Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO is the departure airport the majority of the time.  Transportation to most major international airports is available for an additional fee, which is determined by the age and size of each puppy, and is usually around $375 for an 8-9 week old puppy. This fee includes everything your puppy needs to arrive safely at your nearest available airport of choice and includes a kennel that is yours to keep. We have flights available into most major international airports within the US and Canada. Puppies cannot be shipped until they are eight (8) weeks of age. The puppies are delivered to the airport in a climate controlled environment by our reliable, professional transporter. Extra pre-cautions are taken to ensure that each puppy arrives at his/her new home healthy and sound in every way. We find transportation by air to be very safe and effective for the transport of our babies when local pick-up is not an option.

Please Note: Because Boxers are considered a snub-nosed breed, transportation by air during the summer months can be difficult to arrange. For this reason, we use United Airlines which provide climate controlled vehicles to transport our puppies between the cargo area and the airplane. Flight availability is limited with United Airlines, but we will do our very best to send your puppy to you as quickly as we can get it arranged. Please be understanding of our limitations! Flexibility on your part is always a big help! It will be greatly helpful if you can send us at least two airports of choice for delivery and be flexible about what day of the week you would be available to pick your newest family member up! 

If you are located within driving distance of Mountain Home, AR you are always welcome to pick your puppy up in person! If you are not close to St. Louis or Nevada, MO but prefer ground delivery, ask us about options to meet you part of the way! Our delivery fee is based on the current standard mileage rate of 54 cents per mile. I'm a stay at home mom, so our delivery schedule revolves around the school hours and activities of our kids, but we will do our best to work with you and come up with a delivery date and time that suits everyone! We are more than happy to meet you in a public setting for the delivery of your puppy.

If you have received your flight information for your puppy, please use the PayPal button below to pay for your flight via United Airlines. *If ground delivery to either the St. Louis or Nevada, MO areas is your delivery method of choice, you will pay the $70 delivery fee upon pick-up of your new family member! If we agree upon a meeting place other than one of the two mentioned above, you will be able to pay at delivery with cash or using PayPal the day before we meet.*